In case you missed it, the Fort Madison Daily Democrat published an op-ed from ClearPath, a non-profit focused on advancing clean energy solutions, on the necessity of carbon pipeline development in the Midwest:

“The key is successfully capturing CO2 at production—then directing it to a sequestration site or location for reuse. Iowa is moving forward, but setting up carbon capture equipment and steel pipeline networks takes time. Despite the benefits, projects are facing organized resistance from people falsely framing this latest innovation as a threat. Some, having fought big-ticket efforts to transport crude oil across the region, are deploying similar playbooks to raise fears about CCS safety. Others simply want to end fossil fuel use now—regardless of the practicality or impact of doing so.

It’s time to filter through the noise. CO2 has been safely and successfully transported in the U.S. for 50 years, with roughly 5000 miles of carbon-carrying pipelines operating safely every day. Activists peddle the falsehood that carbon pipelines are not regulated by the federal government (they are). They cite a Mississippi pipeline incident meant to frighten Iowans, omitting mention of the toxic hydrogen sulfide in that pipeline—a non-factor in projects under development here. Nor do they mention that the pipelines are built with thick steel, the joints individually x-rayed during construction, and the entire line routinely inspected—inside and out.”

Read the full op-ed HERE.